‘Peace of Mind Funeral Services’is a branch of the founder’s family business that has been serving the community for over 30 years.

‘Peace of Mind Funeral Services’ is a branch of the founder’s family business that has been serving the community for over 30 years. We are dedicated to serving the deceased families with professionalism, attentiveness and care.

With our services, we hope to serve the deceased with dignity and respect; to condole with the family members and to bring them a peace of mind after our consolation and appropriate arrangements.

We provide all kinds of funeral services in any religion and wherever it would take place. Prices ranges suitable to your needs required of. Apart from planning and holding the funeral ceremonies, we also specialize in creating distinctive gravestones, personalized memorial of the deceased.

Our company's high-quality service has been affirmed by the public and has won many awards in recent years, including: Famous Brands Hong Kong, Extraordinary Branding Awards, Asia’s Most Valuable Service Awards (Most Prominent Funeral Service Of The Year) and Hong Kong Excellence In Corporate Culture Award (Distinction).

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Service Scope

We have over fifteen years of experience serving various families, regardless of race, religion, background, or special circumstances. We professionally and thoughtfully arrange suitable funerals according to the deceased's preferences and the family's wishes.

Harmony in Diversity

We serve with care, heart, and dedication, walking with families every step of the way. Our experience and expertise come from years of hands-on service to different families. We offer truly one-stop services, from pre-death contracts to end-of-life preparations and counseling, companionship at the time of death, handling of procedures and documents, arrangement of venues and funeral supplies (such as coffins, white garments, mourning attire, head flowers, black sashes, incense, ritual offerings, crucifix pillows, candles, guest books, suits for the deceased, flower baskets, memorial offerings, red packets, transportation, etc.), body preparation and makeup, religious rituals, on-site management, burial arrangements (including cemetery plots, grave preparation, tombstones, etc.), cremation arrangements (including collection of ashes, urns, application for and interment of ashes, etc.), and post-funeral follow-up and grief counseling.

All these services are arranged and managed by our team, making us the only truly one-stop funeral service provider in Hong Kong. Where regulations permit, our team will handle the procedures on behalf of the family, eliminating the need for them to visit different government departments and related agencies. Our team will also arrange the necessary items for the farewell ceremony, saving the family time and effort, allowing them to continue with their daily schedules, work, and caring for other family members without the stress and worry of funeral arrangements. This gives the family the time and space to process their emotions, which we consider most important.


Due to our family business background, we are very familiar with burials, which is one of our most specialized service areas. At the same time, we keep up with the times, actively promoting and organizing personalized funerals, modern farewell ceremonies, live-streamed funerals, and pre-death funerals. In addition, our company has a world-recognized funeral director, a licensed embalmer, three certified counselors, and is a member of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) and The Funeral Celebrancy Council.

We also value traditional customs and cultures. Our team is well-versed in the customs of various clans, including Fujian, Chaozhou, Hakka, Shanghai, and local island traditions. Each village has its own rules, and every family has its habits, which we can accommodate and implement.

Blending East and West

One of our company's mottos is: "Blending the old and new, harmonizing East and West." In Hong Kong, a place rich in religious and cultural diversity, as professional funeral directors, we need to be knowledgeable about various religious rituals to serve different families professionally and pragmatically. Major religions we handle include primal religions, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and others. We have established different departments to independently handle various religious needs, providing families with peace of mind.

Every person and family is unique, and every arrangement is different; therefore, we hope to meet every family in need to understand their real needs. Each family member may have different ideas, religious beliefs, or special requests. Our mission is to act as a balancer, providing comprehensive and balanced solutions for families with different opinions on funeral preparations. After confirming the details, we will list all items in black and white, and both parties must sign a contract to ensure a truly satisfactory and comforting farewell arrangement process.

Other Special Arrangements
1. Funeral photography (video, live streaming, memorial video and album production, etc.)
2. Funeral band (honor guard, live performance of Chinese and Western music)
3. Transport of remains, bones, and ashes between mainland China and Hong Kong and overseas
4. Ashes jewelry
5. The most extensive selection of materials and styles for tombstone customization in Hong Kong
6. The most extensive selection of urn materials in Hong Kong
7. Specially customized coffins, tombstones, and urns
Our Brands
1. Specially customized coffins, tombstones, and urns
2. Pre-death Contract®️
3. Hong Kong Funeral Photography
4. Safe Body Transport
5. Comfort Life Education
6. Comfort Academy
7. Understanding Death, Understanding Life
8. Ten Directions Society
9. Six Feet Under Club
10. Coffee and Tears
11. Comfort Ancestral Hall and Temple Management
12. Peaceful End
13. Joyful Photography
14. Good Urns
15. Hong Kong Everlasting Flower Shop
Basic Hospital Direct Cremation List:
  • 1. Basic cremation coffin
  • 2. Cloth covering
  • 3. Body transport vehicle and workers
  • 4. Body cleaning and dressing
  • 5. Professional makeup artist
  • 6. Pillow
  • 7. Crucifix blanket
  • 8. Mourning sash
  • 9. Coffin flower arrangement
  • 10. 12-inch color photo with frame
  • 11. Guest book
  • 12. Hearse
  • 13. Miscellaneous expenses
  • 14. Handling procedures
  • 15. Memorial offerings
  • 16. Red packets
  • 17. Hospital direct funeral ceremony
  • 18. Burial clothes
  • 19. Collection and temporary storage of ashes
Total: HK$17000
Additional Costs:
1. Government cremation fee HK$1300
2. Death certificate HK$140 per copy



Lok Chung, the first funeral director recognized by the World Funeral Organization in Hong Kong, graduated from the RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor Degree in International Business, majored in Marketing. Returned to Hong Kong in 2009, started working for his family business - Wai Chun Stonemason, also joining C. L. Undertakers and founded Peace of Mind Funeral Services in 2014.

Lok pioneered the funeral director culture in Hong Kong and has been active in death education. He is now a guest lecturer at different institutions such as The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bethel Seminary. He is also a panel member of Appeals (Housing Authority), Film Censorship, Youth Entrepreneurship, school manager of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Lui Yun Choy Memorial College, consultant of traditional flower plaque of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Fellow of Social Enterprise Research Academy etc.

1. 慰心善終服務 • 創辦人及行政總監 〈2014–現在〉
2. 榮美殯儀 • 董事〈2010–現在〉
3. 煒晉石廠 • 董事〈2019–現在〉
4. 香港喪禮攝影 • 創辦人及行政總監〈2020–現在〉
5. 安然遺體運輸 Corpseport • 創辦人及行政總監〈2017–現在〉
6. 弘健同心慈善基金 • 創辦人及主席〈2022–現在〉
1. 皇家墨爾本理工大學 • 國際貿易系學士
2. 英國皇家公共衛生學院 • 英國皇家公共衞生學會院士
3. 社會企業研究院 • 社會企業研究院院士
4. 世界殯儀協會 • 認可殯葬禮儀師
5. 中國百名優秀企業家奮鬥史編委會 • 中國百名優秀青年企業家
1. 房屋署上訴委員會 • 委員
2. 電影審裁處 • 委員
3. 香港青年協會「起步為香港」房屋規劃小組 • 成員
4. 香港青年創業規劃小組 • 成員
1. 東華三院呂潤財紀念中學 • 校董
2. 將軍澳青年發展聯會 • 秘書長
3. 香港惠州社團聯合總會 • 會董
4. 香港鍾氏宗親會 • 會董
5. 穎遠禛堂 • 常務理事
6. 長洲朱遠德堂祖祠 • 管理人
7. 翠屏大王爺廟後續發展 • 顧問
8. 非物質文化遺產傳統花牌 • 專業顧問
9. 香港校董學會 • 會員
10. 東華三院校董教師諮議會 • 成員
11. 魷魚灣村青年體育發展 • 委員
12. 香港小伙子體育會(香港經籃體育外展訓練中心) • 榮譽顧問
13. 聚夢坊(非牟利機構) • 榮譽顧問
14. 香港旋風球運動發展協會 • 榮譽顧問
15. RMIT University Hong Kong Alumni Association • Youth Ambassador
16. 港澳台殯葬文化協會 • 創會委員
17. 澳洲客家聯會香港分會 • 會長
18. 惠陽鎮隆港澳同鄉會 • 會員
19. 打鼓嶺木湖村活化 • 委員
20. 樂善堂劉德小學校友會 • 籌募委員
21. Big East Charitable Basketball League • Advisor
22. 多間院校及神學院 • 客席講師
23. 多間院校及神學院 • 客席講師
24. 飛影籃球會 • 顧問教練
25. 香港歷史文化研究會「歌唱夕陽天:序曲—圍名歌推廣先導計劃」閉幕禮 • 嘉賓


TEL : 9446 6777


(Hong Kong Island service and education center)
ADDRESS : RUnit 7, 10/F., Federal Centre, 77 Sheung On Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

(Kowloon service center)
ADDRESS : Unit 123, 1/F, Cheung Lok Mansion, Lo Lung Hang Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon